Emma Cameron

Principal & Senior Buyer’s Agent

With a remarkable 10 year track record as a successful selling agent on the prestigious Northern Beaches, Emma Cameron brings a wealth of expertise and market knowledge to property buyers. Transitioning to a Buyer’s Agent in early 2021, Emma leverages her years of industry experience to help clients navigate the buying process with confidence whilst possessing a comprehensive understanding of local market dynamics and property values. With her unrelenting determination to save money on each and every property purchase, Emma is renowned for her exceptional negotiation skills and strategic approach and consistently secures client acquisitions below budget.

With her extensive network and strong relationships on the Northern Beaches, Emma has unparalleled access to off-market listings and exclusive opportunities, providing a distinct advantage for her clients. Emma’s dedication, integrity, and commitment to exceeding client expectations makes her the ideal partner for anyone looking to buy Northern Beaches real estate.

Emma holds a Class 1 Real Estate Licence and is a NSW accredited Auctioneer.

Monique Licardy

Licensed Buyer’s Agent 

At the young age of 21, Monique purchased her first property in the USA which entailed navigating a complex arrangement of financing. Capitilising on her financial acumen, she quickly demonstrated her ability to find solutions to difficult problems and this early success helped her to build what is now a multi-million dollar property portfolio in Sydney.

Monique’s success as a Buyer’s Agent is due to her proactive and tenacious approach, coupled with the ability to think creatively and strategically, exploring alternative solutions to secure the best possible outcomes for her clients. Having lived on the Northern Beaches her whole life, Monique has great local knowledge and her vast property experience and insights enable her to provide sound advice to her clients.

Leveraging from her extensive network and resources, Monique has built a reputation for herself as a trusted and reliable partner in the Northern Beaches property market achieving great success for clients. When not looking for properties, she is an avid player of sport and enjoys tennis, snow skiing, surfing and still plays competitive touch football at NSW State Cup and the Nationals. Monique holds a Class 1 Real Estate Licence and has a Bachelor of Commerce, finishing in the top 10% of her graduating class.

Monique Licardy
Alison Johnstone

Alison Johnstone

Buyer's Agent ASSOCIATE

Introducing Alison Johnstone, our talented Buyer’s Agent Associate who possesses remarkable potential and enthusiasm and is passionate in helping our clients find their dream home.

With a solid foundation in customer service and a natural talent for building rapport, Alison excels at establishing meaningful connections.  Her genuine care and attentiveness provide a sense of trust and confidence throughout the buying process, ensuring clients feel supported every step of the way.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Alison exhausts every avenue when it comes to searching for suitable properties for our clients and is a valuable member of our team.